Uncrossing Spells. Uncrossing spell for jinx, hex, and curse removal. Do you feel that your life is blocked? Is your life filled with problems and bad luck? You might have a curse that was placed on you. If you feel that someone has sent the evil eye, cursed, hexed, or jinxed you, get an uncrossing candle magic spell casted to remove the negative vibrations

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Uncrossing Spell


What does a crossed condition mean? Being crossed indicates that you are surrounded by dark energies that appear to be impeding your progress and interfering with your daily life. This is a uncrossing ritual to remove afflictions brought on by black magic, hexes, curses, the evil eye, and bad energy. Spiritual cleansing and energy clearing to uncross and remove dark energy so you can move forward with your manifestations. Uncrossing oil, herbs and more will be used.

Uncrossing and Spiritual Protection Spell.


This is an uncrossing and protection ritual all in one. The uncrossing candle is to remove dark energy, spiritual attacks, and curses. The second candle is for spiritual protection. During the candle service, I will invoke the assistance of St. Michael the Archangel. This is only for spiritual, not physical, protection.

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