Spiritual Protection Candle Magic Spells. Protection rituals for spiritual defense to protect you from negative energy, the evil eye, psychic attacks, and energy vampires.

Spiritual Protection Spell


Candle magic ritual to help spiritually protect you from evil, black magic, and negative energy. Protect yourself from spiritual attacks by taking up defense. This protection ritual is only for spiritual protection, not physical. 

Fiery Wall of Protection Spell


What is the difference between my protection spell and my fiery wall of protection spell? My spiritual protection spell is for spiritual defense. My fiery wall of protection candle spell is used to help defend yourself by erecting a barrier of psychic protection to ward off energy vampires. This is good for empaths. My handmade, Fiery Wall of Protection conjure oil will be used. 

Evil Eye Protection Spell


Unlike my fiery wall of protection for empaths and spiritual protection spell, this evil eye candle burning service solely focuses on protecting and shielding you from the effects of the evil eye and the destructive energy from the envious thoughts of jealous people.

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