Road Opener Candle Spells. Road Opening Spell. Blockbuster magic spell. Spell to open doors. Road opener ritual to unlock your path and to help with removing blockages, barriers, obstacles, and stagnant energy that are standing in the way of your good and preventing you from achieving what you want. High John the conqueror obstacle remover.

These candle spells are for overall road opening. Please only leave your name and date of birth in the personalization box. Please follow the instructions on the after-sale thank-you page. You will be emailed two photos of this service. Photos will be sent to the email connected to your PayPal account, unless you let me know otherwise.

Road Opener Spell


Road opener candle spell. A road opener magic spell is for clearing away obstacles & opening roads for new opportunities. This white magic spell is good for people who feel trapped or stuck and just can't see any progress. Road opener ritual to illuminate your path to success. 

High John The Conqueror Spell


 John the Conqueror hoodoo candle spell to open roads, remove obstacles, and conquer what has been conquering you. Your candle will be dressed with High John the Conqueror conjure oil.

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