Cord cutting ritual. A cord cutting ritual is a type of energetic cleansing used to sever unhealthy ties between you and other people. It could help you to let go and move forward. It can be used to release negative attachments to an ex, toxic family members, frenemies, or to someone else that is not in your best interests. Cord cutting candle magic spell to help you move forward. Cord cutting rituals.

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Cord Cutting Spell


 This short list shows that you still have energy that has to be released in order for you to move on with your life.

 If your breakup was difficult. If you constantly think about someone and search for their name on Google. If you are unable to let go of your anger and need for retaliation. If you repeatedly think on the negative things that people have done to you or said about you. If you're upset with yourself for tolerating their behavior and you keep reflecting on the things you tolerated from them. If after being around them, you feel exhausted.

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, the energetic links that keep you in bondage and servitude can be severed with the help of a cord cutting ritual. This cord cutting spell does not guarantee that a person will go away. After casting this, your target may still be present. This only helps with removing the toxic energy cords that are holding you back. I firmly believe in asking with caution, so my approach won't injure either you or your target. I would ask that the procedure be carried out in a way that makes you feel at peace.

You must do your part by abstaining from all contact that is not absolutely necessary. That includes being a part of or watching their social media. Your cord cutting will be ineffective if you continue to call, text, and go out of your way to think about or speak about them. Please do not order unless you are ready to do the necessary work on your end. This cord cutting is only for toxic ties to people. This is not to cut ties with a place, an animal, a thing, or an addiction.

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