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The power of the new and full moons can increase the potency of candle magic spells. Each month, I will be casting a group candle ritual to harness the power of the new and full moon and help you manifest your goals. Each participant will have a candle added to the group ritual for the month and moon phase that is chosen that has their name, date of birth, and one intention carved into it. Candle colors and sizes vary. For the Moon Group Rituals, please only leave one name, one date of birth, and ONE shortly written realistic intention that you would like to manifest per purchase. Ideas for intentions: steady finances, success, good luck, finding love, self-love, a new job, happiness. Please do not ask for healing, legal, or reconciliation requests.  For things to go smoothly, please follow the instructions on the after-sale thank-you page. Photos will be sent to the email connected to your PayPal account, unless you let me know otherwise. Photos will be emailed to you within 5-7 days after the group ritual has been completed, so please be patient. 

Full Moon Spell 


06-21-2024 Full Moon Manifestation Spell. Group Intention Setting Candle Ritual.

New Moon Spell


07-05-2024 New Moon Manifestation Spell. Group Intention Setting Candle Ritual.

Please read the Legal Disclaimer before purchasing. I have a no-refund policy. You must be 18 or older to order. I make no guarantees as to outcomes. What I do guarantee is that I will always do my best. I am legally obligated to state that this is a curio, and all of my services are for entertainment purposes only.