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Full Moon Rituals. New Moon Rituals. Group Rituals. Folk Magick, Rootwork, Hoodoo, Conjure, & White Magic. Money Spells, Prosperity Spells. Spiritual Protection Spells. Uncrossing and Road Opening Spells. Electronically Sent Candle Burning Altar Service.

Although my prices are lower on my website, you can check my reviews or place an order on another platform by clicking on the image below for my SpiritualDiversity Etsy shop.

🌻 Please read each listing thoroughly before purchasing. 

🌻 Welcome. Thank you for visiting my site. Magic is around us all day, every day. Why not improve your quality of life with some white magic? Whether through spiritualism, folk magic, witchcraft, hoodoo, conjure, spellcasting, paganism, or affirmative prayer, I offer different types of services to try and help you achieve your goals. When doing spell work, I use a combination of diverse magical practices, styles, and incantations and call upon different deities, saints, and spirits. I do so respectfully, with proper offerings and a heart of gratitude.

🌻 Please know that your requests are a sacred trust and will always be kept confidential. Please do not order unless you know how magic works. This isn't Bewitched. Magic is not an immediate, overnight fix for everything. Each person has a different situation, mindset, and outlook on life; therefore, I offer no guarantees. However, I will always do my best.

🌻 Before placing an order, please read all of the instructions thoroughly. Please bear with me as I use a lot of words. This is a spellcasting setting of lights service. No physical item will be sent, mailed, or shipped to you. What you will receive are digital photos of your candle service messaged to you via email within 5–7 business days after you have ordered, and you can view and download them from there. It is one name per purchase. Please only leave one name and date of birth in the personalization box per order unless otherwise stated. 

🌻 I have a no-refund policy. I don't accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations, so read the whole description before you purchase. However, please contact me if you have any problems with your order.

🌻 Please read the Legal Disclaimer before purchasing. You must be 18 or older to order. I am legally obligated to state that this is a curio and all my rituals, spells, and services are for entertainment purposes only. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to helping you and wish you success on your life's journey. 💐   

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